Get The Latest On Avalanche And See Why Caged Beasts And Big Eyes Coin Are The Meme Coins To Buy

 Caged Beasts

2023 has heaved up some interesting events in the world of cryptocurrency. Banks have fallen, cryptos have slumped, and the ripple effects of these monumental moments may still have lingering consequences. But amidst the black gloom that is the fallout of the FTX crash, there have been positive signs. The meme coins are bouncing and rocking like a football stadium. Two which have caught the eye are Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Caged Beasts (BEASTS). We'll get the latest on them and also look at the wider crypto market to see what's happening with coins like Avalanche (AVAX).

Big Eyes Coin Could Dominate The Meme Coin Season

Seldom in the history of cryptocurrency has a presale been as meteoric and eye-catching as Big Eyes Coins'. It's been history-making numbers as the feline crypto has raised $45 million in funding as it enters the fifteenth stage of its presale, which is set to conclude in the opening days of June, meaning there is scarce time to get involved with one of the hottest presales in recent memory.

Big Eyes Coin's supporters have been notably vibrant and vocal, unarguably an indispensable element to the platform's growth. Right now, it's hard to argue that Big Eyes Coin is one of the meme coins to buy in 2023 because there just hasn't been a meme coin that's been white-hot like this in a long time.

Caged Beast Is Raring To Go This Year

The beast of the crypto underworld is stirring from its slumber. Locked away in a presale, Caged Beasts is primed to be one of the exciting meme coins to buy as it looks to launch its presales. It's based on an objection to the status quo of centralised financial institutions like banks and opts for more decentralisation.

Caged Beasts (BEASTS) is making waves as a super cool crypto that's totally changing the finance game with its awesome concept called 'Caged Liquidity.' Unlike other tokens out there, Caged Beasts stand out by putting security and transparency first and creating its own unique identity. And let me tell you, when it comes to being transparent, Caged Beasts is the real deal. They let you see the whole lock-up process, which builds trust and keeps everything legit.

The ultra-secure system creates a whole new way of doing things and puts decentralization front and center. The Caged Beasts community is led by some seriously captivating and influential folks, and they're transforming the whole decentralized finance scene in an extraordinary way.

Basically, Caged Beasts is a super exciting crypto that's shaking up the finance world. With its focus on security, transparency, and decentralization, it's no wonder that this community token is turning heads and paving the way for a whole new era of finance. Keep an eye on it, because it might just be one of those meme coins everyone's talking about during what's predicted to be a golden meme coin season.

What's The Latest News On Avalanche?

Avalanche came onto the scene in 2018 as a remarkable system that aimed to solve the problem of unreliable machine crashes. Then, in 2020, something exciting happened when the company introduced its very own token called AVAX.

In the world of Avalanche, there are many advantages waiting to be discovered. The people who hold AVAX have the power to decide how quickly new coins are created by using their voting power. The community can also change the reward given for adding a new block to the Avalanche blockchain, which lets everyone participate and have a say.

Here's a fun twist: random groups of network participants can come together to check and confirm transactions. Those who have high uptime and respond quickly are rewarded with even more AVAX tokens.

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