Get it now: Apple's 10 paid apps for free on weekend App Store sale

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People wait in line for the opening of the next generation Apple Store in San Francisco, California, US 21 May 2016 Stephen Lam/Reuters

Apple has some goodies for iPhone and iPad device owners as it has dropped a post-Fourth of July App Store sale. Check out these 10 paid apps that you can now get for free for a limited time.

C-Time ($4.99)

Do you have troubles keeping up with your time at school, at work, or in the game? C-Time can help you tell how much of your valuable time is spent where. It works automatically without pressing a button to start and stop and keeps a record of your time by the day, month, and year.

Download the C-Time app from the App Store.

Safety Note+ ($1.99)

Keep your notes to yourself by using Safety Note+. It's not just about notes as you can also create to-do lists and reminders.

Download the Safety Note+ app from the App Store.

Frugi ($3.99)

Manage your earnings and expenses with Fruigi. Just enter payments and incomes and get rid of all the dirty calculation work.

Download the Frugi app from the App Store.

Pic Navi ($2.99)

Pic Navi is a photo location viewer and editor. Find the location of the photo you took, redirect to a map to get directions, or adjust photo location just by dragging a pin on a map. Photos with no GPS details can be added as well.

Download the Pic Navi app from the App Store.

Week Calendar ($2.99)

Week Calendar is the most user-friendly and the all-round calendar app worldwide for everyone that needs to get the most out of their calendar app.

Download the Week Calendar app from the App Store.

iMaps+ for Google Maps ($3.99)

The iMaps+ app can bring Google maps, directions, and street view back to your iPhone or iPad. You can search by address, textual query, or radar to know the best or cool places around you.

Download the iMaps+ app from the App Store.

Visual Math 4D ($1.99)

Visual Math 4D is a graphical calculator that allows you to visualize and solve your mathematical equations. It supports various types of equations, such as spherical, parametric, polar and cartesian equations, which can be visualized in 2D and 3D.

Download the Visual Math 4D app from the App Store.

BuyFind ($0.99)

Cover your tracks. BuyFind is a secure search engine built for maximum privacy, designed for online shoppers.

Download the BuyFind app from the App Store.

High Mountain ($4.99)

High Mountain is an addictive jumping game from start to finish that will surely hone your timing. Test how far can you go.

Download the High Mountain app from the App Store.

Instaflash Pro ($4.99)

Polish your photos instantly with Instaflash Pro. It has editing controls and adjustment tools like shadows, highlights, tone, colour, split toning, noise removal, vignette, and a lot more.

Download the Instaflash Pro app from the App Store.