Get CyrusVIP installer to download hacked apps, tweaks without jailbreak

Download the CyrusVIP installer app now and get signed or unsigned apps, modified apps, hacked apps and tweaks without needing jailbreak.


CyrusVIP installer is the second version of the favourite Cyrus Installer app. There are several app installers available for iOS devices, but CyrusVIP was designed to be a third-party installation service.

Like AppValley, Panda Helper, TutuApp Helper and others, the CyrusVIP installer app offers a wide variety of signed and unsigned apps, modified apps as well as tweaks that do not require any jailbreak. Third-party app installers give iPhone and iPad device owners the flexibility to experience jailbreak tweaks with no revoked access.

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In terms of the user interface, CyrusVIP installer has scrolling interface split up into individual sections and categories, making it very clean and minimalistic. When it comes to app offerings, it does not differ very much from other installer apps. However, users will get to experience a premium service with the second version of Cyrus.

The best thing about CyrusVIP installer is that it offers a lifetime service, unlike jailbreak apps that will need users to uninstall and reinstall an app due to revoked access by Apple. CyrusVIP uses a "different method of signing apps" onto the user's phone or tablet to make sure that they do not get denied access after a week or months.

To download and install the CyrusVIP installer app, go directly to

This article was first published on November 29, 2017