Gerry Sanchez Teaches Creativity in Marketing Strategies

Gerry Sanchez

Marketing is the backbone of every company. With the right marketing strategies and techniques, even a subpar product/service can enjoy great success.

On the other hand, there are thousands of cases of unique product ideas which could not survive because of lack of effective marketing. While almost every other company is looking for creative ways to market their products and services, Gerry Sanchez talks about modern creative ways which are bringing tremendous results for companies.

Marketing changes with time and adjusts to consumer behavior. And it is imperative to adapt one's marketing strategies with changing times to survive and thrive in business.

In this post, Gerry talks about the latest marketing strategies, which he has used to help hundreds of entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level!

1. Make campaigns targeting a hyper-local area

While everyone wants to sell to the world, hyper-local areas are filled with countless business opportunities.

Ad costs and competition is higher when you target a broad area, but when you make campaigns targeting a small city, you can leverage the opportunity of specificity.

Configure your ads to reach an audience with specific problems and campaigns which talk about things they can relate with.

Social media ads are quite effective in these cases and will enable you to make the most of even a small budget.

This is also a fantastic way to test and validate ideas.

2. Hold a contest to engage prospects

Contests and giveaways have recently helped brands grow exponentially on various social media platforms.

Contests were also used in offline marketing, but the online user has defined a new level of engagement.

You just have to create contests for your micro-niche audience and target a specific area.

The rules of the contest should be clear, and you must ask participants to invite their friends to increase reach and engagement.

One strategically planned contest can help you build a tight community of users which you can later leverage and sell to.

3. Use effective lead generation techniques

One of the most effective techniques to kickstart business is value exchange. Because, most of the time, you will need to provide some value before you actually convert someone into a customer.

Today it is usually hard to cold sell a product. This is why the best course of action would be to build a community by first providing massive value. For example, if you wish to sell yoga accessories, build a community of yoga enthusiasts providing free training first.

Now that you have provided something of value, you are in a position to persuade and sell. Your conversions will then increase dramatically, regardless of the industry.

An eBook is a similar case, and using it for lead generation will help you create an email list, which you can then use to market and sell to!

4. Collaborate with influencers if it makes sense

Now, as you are busy building a community for your business, so are other entrepreneurs in different niches. An exceptional win-win situation happens when you collaborate with someone from a related niche.

For instance, if you are building a fashion business, collaborating with makeup influencers would be a great idea to help you grow. Collaborations are beneficial for both the parties, but you need to research relevant influencers and make sure their following is genuine and responsive.

5. Use FOMO on landing pages

While almost every other business is online, having an optimised landing page is fundamental for business success.

There are many factors which will define the conversions you have on your website, and one of the biggest ones is FOMO - the fear of missing out.

We as humans tend to take action when we know we only have limited time. FOMO is one of the cognitive biases that we have and can be leveraged to increase results.

You can achieve that with features like a countdown timer, having limited period offers and limited stock alerts.

Additionally, make sure to show off your social media numbers, optimize your page for good load times and experience, and have on-point, persuasive copy and calls to action.

6. Use engaging videos to increase business

Videos are changing the world of marketing and also attract the most number of eyeballs.

People all over the world spend hours watching videos every day. And it is also easier to understand things from a video as compared to just text, graphics, audio or other formats.

You can leverage this opportunity by making videos for your brand, which can creatively convey your message and drive sales.

The world of marketing keeps evolving, and it is necessary to evolve with it to remain competitive. You must make sure to spend considerable time planning your marketing efforts.

You can actually gain a lot just by implementing all the strategies in this list.

Start by choosing one, and you will find yourself in a chain of opportunities as you will get to know of new developments happening in your niche!

Gerry Sanchez wishes you best of luck for your Business endeavours!!!