Germany: 12 year old boy arrested for plotting Christmas market blast in Ludwigshafen

The boy was instructed to carry out the attack by an unidentified IS member

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Police have nabbed down the person behind plotting a terror attack at a Christmas market in the western town of Ludwigshafen, Germany on 26 November.

The 12-year old German-Iraqi boy, police said, has links with IS and he was plotting to set off a bomb at the place which is currently very crowded just before the Christmas holidays.

It was reported that the radicalised accused, who was born and brought up in the same town, was instructed by an unidentified IS member to carry out the attack. The boy followed the instruction and set up a self-made nail bomb at the Christmas market. However, the bomb, which was placed inside a bag, did not go off because the detonator failed, reported Channel News Asia.

It was also reported that the accused planted another explosive device near the town hall of Ludwigshafen on 5 December. The suspicious object was noticed by visitors who in turn informed the police. A bomb disposal squad was immediately rushed to the spot and they defused the device.

Police immediately ordered a probe into the matter, following which the boy was arrested and sent to a youth detention centre. It was also reported by that Federal Public Prosecutor has taken the case in their hand as they believe it is a serious case of security breach and a major act of violent subversion. However, no one from Federal Public Prosecutor Office was available for comment, reported the news website.

Terrorism analysts said that kids are often easy to radicalise and are normally targeted mainly through social media and once they start sympathising with the motive of terrorism, leaders encourage them to carry out terror attacks at home.