About a week ago a German forester's dog found severed Chimpanzee body parts such as hand and foot along with skin, hair, and nails, in the Bavarian town of Grafrath in a forest to the west of Munich.

Recently the German police said that the gruesome find of ape body parts appeared to be less nefarious than what was thought before because they were certain that it was not as bizarre as some wild speculations they heard, as reported by Associated Press

Strange Theory

Representational Image Pixabay

As always, when society is confounded by surprise, strange theories and conspiracies about it emerges, as it happened with the above finding. This comes at the time of a global pandemic that already has conspiracy theories attached to it. One tip to the police said that this finding was the evidence that the government carried coronavirus experiments on monkeys, police told DPA news agency on Thursday.

The foot and hand were examined by experts. They concluded that it came from a chimpanzee, and were preserved with formaldehyde or other similar chemicals that are usually used to preserve scientific specimens.

Body Parts Older Than Thought

"This makes it possible that the parts are significantly older than initially thought," Michael Fischer, a police spokesman in nearby Fuerstenfeldbruck, reported DPA. He added that nobody had to worry about the ape that was slaughtered in Fuerstenfeldbruck last week. However, the police haven't yet figured out how chimpanzee's parts ended up in the German forest, they have now said that it could mostly be an administrative offense rather than a crime.

"And it could already be past the statute of limitations," Fischer said. Germany has reported more than 183,000 cases of coronavirus with more than 8,500 deaths due to COVID-19. However, most of them have been recovered, leaving behind 10,325 active cases.