GerkOne just might be the next trending artist of the Canadian hip-hop culture


Through the years, Canada has produced many talented and successful artists who have managed to rule the entire music industry. Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, Carly Rae Jepsen are few to name in the long list of Canadian pop stars who are producing hit-making albums worldwide. Recently though, there has been a new addition to this esteemed list. It is none other than GerkOne.

His first single after his comeback, "No Limit" is said to have taken the internet by storm. It was a hit on YouTube as well as other streaming platforms. GerkOne said that he wasn't expecting to hit the kinds of numbers he did right away but he is glad that the record exceeded his expectations because it has just motivated him to dream bigger and better every time and make sure he goes that extra mile for every project that he works on.

After that hit, "Real As It Gets" came out and it even hit harder, gaining popularity with time from various sources like World Star Hip Hop. It was also picked up by blogs and similar sites worldwide on the internet. The digital world has surely been a boon for GerkOne and his record has spread like wildfire. Multi-platinum recording artist "The Game" also gave GerkOne a thumbs up and acknowledged him by giving his single "No Limit" placement on the mixtape "Who Got Game".

Soon after gaining even more recognition and popularity, the New York legend Jadakiss appeared on the single "Big Bad Bruin". The single headlined GerkOne's debut Album "Pardon My Attitude". This led to a great wave of appreciation for GerkOne as Pardon My Attitude crossed everyone's expectations from him. It received over 200k streams during the first month and is still growing in numbers across all streaming platforms.

His story is not the one where the protagonist just gets lucky. Sure, GerkOne has been extremely lucky but his talent and determination cannot be ignored. He holds the power to become the next powerful Canadian music artist to top the charts of music billboards in future. With every record, he is taking a foot forward towards fulfilling his dream.

With the rising demand of up-and-coming Canadian rapper GerkOne's music everyone is wondering what's next? The pandemic is still in effect and Canada's lockdown along with quarantine is going strong. It's 2021 but the signs of the world returning are not evident. But that doesn't seem to be slowing down this hard working artist. GerkOne has been working on "Pardon My Atti2ude" which is set to release sometime mid to late this year. We are awaiting his new releases and hoping to hear good music soon. Now we can just wait and see what this year brings for GerkOne.