Georgia Street Shooting Leaves 12-year-old Boy Shot in Face; a Cop and 2 Women Among Four Killed

A street shooting in Georgia claimed multiple victims including an officer and two women, while a 12-year-old boy was shot in the face.

A bloody street fight in Georgia left four people dead Tuesday, November 30 night. A 12-year-old boy was shot in the face during the shooting that took place near the 3600 block of Jervis Court, in Rex, Georgia. Two women and a Georgia cop were also among those killed.

Officers responded to multiple reports of a drive-by shooting, gunfire, and domestic violence at around 8:40 pm Tuesday night. Officers rushed to the scene of the shooting and found a 12-year-old boy, who was shot in the face. The boy directed the cops to the residence where the suspected shooter was allegedly located. While the police tended to the injured kid, providing him first aid, the suspect opened fire on the cops, forcing them to flee to safety.

The shooter then went back into the house and cops who entered the house from the rear confronted him. During the gunfire that proceeded in the encounter, the shooter and a cop were killed. The cop who lost his life in the shooting incident was identified as Field Training Officer Henry Laxson, Clayton County police Chief Kevin Roberts informed in a news conference.

Henry Laxson.
Henry Laxson. Screen grab - Facebook/South Florida Cops

'Three calls'

Chief Roberts further informed that officers found two women dead among 'multiple victims' inside the home. The 12-year-old boy was reported to be in a critical but stable condition as of Wednesday. Police noted that they received three calls before the shooting unfolded. The first call reported a drive-by shooting near the 3600 block of Jervis Court in Rex, the second informed of a motionless female lying in a house and the third noted a 12-year-old boy injured by a gunshot wound. The identities of the victim or the shooter are not clear at the moment. An investigation into the incident is going on.

Slain cop

Paying condolence to the slain cop, chief Roberts said that it is unfortunate that these things happen time and again. "My heart aches for every police officer and their family that go through these type of things," he added. Officer Henry Laxson was pronounced dead at the Grady Memorial Hospital.

Henry Laxson
Henry Laxson Screen grab - Facebook/South Florida Cops

Officer Laxon was a veteran officer and a member of the county's tactical team. According to the Clayton County Police Department Facebook page, he had been commended on several occasions. WSB-TV reported that Laxson is the third north Georgia police officer killed in the line of duty since November.

This article was first published on December 1, 2021