George Soros Spends $40 Million to Get 75 Leftist US Attorneys Elected and Push Anti-Policing Agenda - Report

George Soros poured money into the campaigns of leftists to be elected across the United States in an effort to "remake the country". The billionaire believes that left-wing candidates can implement soft-on-crime policies by administrative fiat.

Soros injected about $40 million into the political-action committees (PACs) of at least 23 district attorneys, according to a report in the New York Post. This helped put prosecutors in offices of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Washington, Chicago and Manhattan among others.

Matt Palumbo, the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros, has put together a comprehensive "best of the worst" Soros' prosecutors list. It includes the likes of Portland DA Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia's Larry Krasner, Bexar County's Joe Gonzales, and Fairfax County's Steve Descano among others.

George Soros
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Funding Bears Fruit
Palumbo highlighted that Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj said last week that her office would not be directly involved in the prosecution of misdemeanour charges, including hit-and-run, eluding police, reckless driving, trespassing, failure to appear and public drunkenness among others. She reasoned that this would her office to deploy more resources to victims of more serious crimes like murder, rape and domestic violence, and not speeding tickets.

Biberaj, who won the Loudoun County commonwealth-attorney race by a slim 49.5% to 47.5% margin, is one of the 75 prosecutors across the US who received Soros' backing for their pro-criminal bents. Moreover, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors gave her office a smaller budget increase than what was requested in 2021 because of high turnover and her handling of domestic-violence cases.

But Biberaj is not the only one. Palumbo said there is Portland's DA Mike Schmidt who has refused to prosecute rioters in 2020, and in fact defended them. He has refused to prosecute individuals for interfering with a peace officer, disorderly conduct in the second degree, criminal trespass, escape in third degree and harassment and riot. Contra Costa County's DA Diana Becton received Soros' $275,000 support. He has raised his hands against prosecuting graffiti. There is also Orlando's state attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida – Aramis Ayala. She prefers giving kindergarteners an adult timeout and dropping their charges in exchange for watching educational video about resisting crimes and the dangers associated with breaking the law.


Likely to Increase Violent Crimes
Experts say the election of anti-police, anti-law-and-order prosecutors has not gone unnoticed. Often times, it has led to increases in violent crime and a growing sense among ordinary citizens that their communities are less safe and the quality of life is worsening.

Soros' believes in the philosophy of progressive policing that overlooks lesser crimes in an effort to decrease more serious crimes. The 93-year-old has spent millions backing these extreme criminal-justice philosophies.

Jason Johnson, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) president, said Soros is using campaign money and the hundreds of millions more for supporting organizations to quietly transform the criminal justice system for the worse, promoting dangerous policies and anti-police narratives to advance his radical agenda.

"Over the past decade, George Soros has spent $40 million to elect 75 of his chosen prosecutors. In campaigns from Houston and Los Angeles to Philadelphia and Orlando, Soros was the campaign's biggest spender by far; as much as 90 percent of the dollars spent in some races." Johnson believes that the billionaire isn't done yet. "He has already spent another million so far this year on his hand-picked district attorneys."

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