George Floyd Protests: Santa Cruz Mayor And Police Chief Kneel, Michigan Sheriff Puts Down Baton

Images shared on social media show the real momentum of protests against the death of George Floyd. Police say they support protests, but only peaceful ones.

Police Chiefs from Miami Dade County and Santa Cruz kneel to say a prayer following the death of George Floyd. Twitter

Demonstrations against the death of George Floyd have turned violent across the US. Along with other states, violent incidents were reported from California too. People's ire towards the police is growing as a police officer was responsible for the death of Floyd. However the action of some officers is winning the hearts of people.

Some images shared by the Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) show the momentum of protests. One of the images shows Santa Cruz Mayor Justin Cummings and Santa Cruz Chief of Police Andy Mills kneeling down. This image has melted the hearts of netizens who took it as a symbolic apology. According to SCDP, the action was to request peaceful protests. It said that the department was fully supportive of peaceful protests and committed towards keeping people safe.

"Hundreds gathered on Pacific Ave in #SantaCruz, taking a knee together in memory of George Floyd and bringing attention to police violence against Black people," said the SCDP tweet.

These Cops Love You: Sheriff

In another such incident in Michigan, Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson put down his baton and spoke to the demonstrators. He had arrived in riot gear but removed it once people started chanting in protest against Floyd's death. "These cops love you. That cop over there hugs people," Sheriff said, pointing to an officer, reported CNN.

Many other states witnessed violence, leading to more arrests. In Oklahoma 60 more arrests were made since Sunday night as protesters turned aggressive and damaged public properties.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has arrested 250 people between Sunday night and Monday morning. At least seven police officers have been injured and patrol vehicles were damaged.

Some Protect, Others Inflict Injury

A woman was shot in the arms during a protest at Walnut Creek in California. An image of a police officer tending to an injured woman was shared multiple times on social media. The woman was shot by a man inside a speeding vehicle on March 31.

Walnut creek woman shot
Walnut Creek police officer helps woman who was shot in her left arm during protest. Twitter

In Walnut Creek, the Macy's store in the Broadway Plaza shopping center and Target store on Main Street near Ygnacio Valley Road were looted during protests.

Houston protest
A demonstrator is seen being trampled by a mounted patrol officer during a protest in Houston on May 30. Twitter @vikthewild

Another video from Houston showing a mounted patrol officer trampling a woman as he rushed to the protest site was also shared on social media. The images of police atrocities as well as kind gestures show the real momentum of the situation as people are demanding justice for the death of Floyd.