George Floyd Protests: California Football Booster Pays Heavy Price for Blatant Racist Remarks

Self-identified football booster, LAPD union attorney Marla Brown has been slammed for her tweets of 'Shoot the protesters,' and has been reprimanded by USC Trojan's Football

A football booster from Southern California has been flagged, taken to task for her blatant racist remarks against protesters, demonstrating against George Floyd's death in the U.S. The Southern California authority has taken stern steps.

The University of Southern California has taken a self-identified football booster to the task and has revoked her season tickets while also barring her from any future purchases. The announcement was made by the University of Southern California's Athletic Director Mike Bohn.

The woman has been identified as Marla Brown, who in her Twitter handle had posted racists remarks in multiple tweets. She had posted that protesters should be shot. Currently, after she was flagged her Twitter account is not available.

'They Need to be Shot'

Marla Brown tweet
Tweet by a woman claiming as LAPD union attorney has created an uproar. Twitter

Brown identified herself as LAPD union attorney posted multiple tweets: "Shoot the protesters," "They need to be shot," "Can't wait at least a reason to shoot them." Reacting to this, Bohn termed these tweets stupid and horrible. "Following an immediate investigation into the matter, we informed the individual that their season ticket and Trojan Athletic Fund membership privileges have been revoked and their payments will be promptly returned," Bohn said in a statement on Monday.

"We stand in solidarity with the black community," he said while thanking the people for helping him identify the individual. We have terminated our relationship, he added.

Remove my Image From Twitter Profile: Michael Pittman Jr.

In another blow to Brown, former USC wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. asked her to take down his image from her profile picture. Brown had put up her profile picture posing with Pittman Jr, who is currently with the Indianapolis Colts. "This is disappointing. I know my true Trojan family would never. In times like this, it is important for us to stand together," wrote Pittman and asked her to remove his image from her profile picture on Twitter.

Los Angeles Times got in touch with Brown who told that no one reached out to her or asked her for clarification. She said that she doesn't have much control over what has happened and didn't have an opportunity to state her point.

Speaking to Yahoo, Brown said that her tweets were a result of her anger at circumstances in general and that she was upset with the violence and destruction. She accepted that it was a stupid thing to say but said she did not direct it at anyone. Following the news, many people have commended action by the University of Southern California's Athletic Director Mike Bohn and Michael Pittman Jr.