George Clooney gushes over parenting his baby twins, Ella and Alexander

George Clooney talked about fatherhood on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said he's afraid of breaking them.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin
George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin tied the knot in 2014, in Venice, Italy Reuters

The "Suburbicon" director George Clooney on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live expressed his emotions about being a father to his 4-month old baby twins, Ella and Alexander. The 56-year old actor and wife Amal Clooney welcomed their twins in June, and since then Clooney has been talking about fatherhood and parenting his newly born baby twins.

Being a first-time parent, he admitted that he is scared and often terrified. He said, "You're afraid of breaking them. They're so little".

"I changed diapers until yesterday. I was good at it," Clooney told host Kimmel. "It's like cleaning up your dog's poop."

He further added that the babies have been introduced to solid food recently. He said," "Then we introduced the children to solid food on Friday. How that goes in as a carrot and how that comes out the way it comes out is shocking. I don't know what's going from here to here. What happens?".

The Suburbicon star Matt Damon also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's live as part of a prank to introduce the twins to the public.

Earlier, while talking to Entertainment Tonight, he opened up about Ella and Alexander's defining qualities. He said Ella is very elegant and dainty, her beautiful eyes are like Amal while Alexander is a fat little boy who laughs louder than everyone in the room and that it's the funniest thing.

The talented actor and the Italian beauty tied the knot in 2014, followed by a grand wedding. Clooney on Ellen DeGeneres talk show revealed that it took six months into their relationship before asking out his 39-year-old wife. He even confessed that he plotted the whole thing out hiding the ring behind and music in the background.

Later in an interview with Extra to promote Suburbicon, Clooney shared that although he hadn't planned on getting married and having kids, he changed his mind after meeting Amal. He said, "When Amal and I met and when we got married it became really clear we were lucky, It seemed selfish not to share some of that luck with some other people."