Genius Litter Partners With Animal Shelters to Give Back Proceeds from Retail Purchases

Genius Litter

Austin, Texas– The team at up-and-coming pet health company Genius Litter is actively making movements toward fundraising and donation practices. The business has been working toward collaborative efforts with local animal shelters in order to cultivate a growing community of pet owners, and pet services and retail chains.

Genius Litter is a new brand of cat litter, which utilizes silica gel crystals as a health monitoring system to detect early urinary tract or bladder problems by changing colors. This litter brand is excited to be featuring their products in popular retail chains in the United States and Canada in January 2023. As this product prepares to hit the shelves, the team involved in the development of Genius Litter is thrilled to also have created a formula that is environmentally friendly. The formula produces less dust than traditional cat litter and is made from natural ingredients.

The company was founded by Ramon Van Meer, a serial entrepreneur who has developed and sold several companies throughout his career. Recently, the businessman bought a dog ramp company called Alpha Paw was able to scale it up in revenue, just as he hopes to accomplish with Genius Litter.

Genius Litter is thrilled to begin actively partnering with local shelters. At the start of these collaborative efforts, the company is giving a portion of sales proceeds of their product toward feeding the shelter's cats. Each bag of Genius Litter purchased is said to feed ten cats. The company chooses to maintain connections within the community of pet health and services, working toward growing relationships between pet owners and businesses.

"We turned our love for cats into a cutting-edge solution that catches urine abnormalities that can lead to illnesses and diseases," says Van Meer. The color changing formula alerts pet owners to several potential ailments in a cat's body.

Additionally, as this company continues to bring about growth within the pet ownership communities, Genius Litter is taking steps toward new ways to partner with animal shelters. The company has recently donated $100K in dog food and cat litter to local animal shelters, as a way to bridge the gap between retail supply chains, and shelter. This collaborative effort is the start of what Genius Litter hopes will be an ongoing partnership.

"Our mission is to create healthier cats and happier pet parents through an industry-leading litter," explains Van Meer. In the future, Van Meer has expressed that he hopes to scale Genius Litter into a full, cat health business and organization. The company is working toward selling not only in retail stores but also online. As the company grows, Genius Litter is looking for new ways to get involved in local animal outreach programs.

Genius Litter is an odor-fighting, environmentally friendly litter alternative that utilizes a color changing formula to monitor a cat's health. The company is a new venture from social entrepreneur Ramon Van Meer, as he works toward continued collaboration with pet stores and animal shelters. For more information about Genius Litter, visit their website.