General Motors 'plans' to revive Hummer with an all-electric version

The iconic fuel-guzzling vehicle, which was always targeted by environmentalists, went out of production in 2010

General Motors is reportedly resurrecting the Hummer brand, almost a decade after the brand became defunct. However, this time the Hummer will make a comeback in the form of a fully electric pickup. This certainly is good news for fans of the iconic military-style vehicle.

The earlier version of Hummer had a mixed journey, with many becoming its patrons, while it also drew flak from ecology-focused critics. That being said, General Motor's decision to bring back Hummer as an all-electric pickup makes sense given that most automakers are increasingly shifting their focus to electric vehicles.

Return of an iconic brand

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General Motors reportedly has ambitious plans with the Hummer brand. According to the Wall Street Journal, the iconic brand will be relaunched with a 2020 Super Bowl ad that will feature Lebron James. Understandably, this is a strategic decision given that Super Bowl is the battleground for car brands like General Motors and Mercedes Benz to show off their vehicles.

The carmaker is reportedly planning to make the all-electric Hummer pickup available for purchase by late 2021 or early 2022 in small quantities. The new vehicle will be sold under the GMC truck and SUV brand and not as a standalone brand.

All-electric Hummer part of bigger plans

General Motors
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General Motors discontinued Hummer in 2010 after the company filed for bankruptcy and also planned to cut some of its other costlier brands. Hummer, although a big hit, was also a subject of debate. The brand was known for its large body and became an example of gas-guzzling vehicles. This often made it draw flak from ecology-focused critics. Although General Motors is bringing back the Hummer, it reportedly doesn't have plans to revive the brand entirely.

The Detroit-based carmaker has bigger plans, of which, one could be that an all-electric version could be targeted at environmentalists who have always slammed the old Hummer for causing pollution.

Moreover, an all-electric pickup version makes sense for General Motors given the intensifying race among carmakers like Ford, Fiat, and Tesla to go all-electric in the long term. General Motors already has plans of going all-electric in the future and is aiming to introduce at least 20 new vehicles globally by 2023.