Gen Z Sensation Kamila Davies Inspires A New Generation Of Models

Kamila Davies

In today's day and age, the landscape- and thus- the roadmap for success for fashion models is significantly different.

No longer can a model- no matter how qualified- rely on the traditional- and quite linear- pathway of being signed to an agency, being booked by casting directors for print or even traditional e-comm jobs, and make a living primarily from the old guard fashion industry.

Now, Instagram, Tik Tok, and social media plays a critical factor. Publications as well as the story of a model's background, lifestyle, values, and philosophy are also essential factors to the modern direct to consumer brand who is casting for talents.

No one displays an acumen for the evolving conditions better than neophyte model and influencer Kamila Davies.

Only 18, and already super accomplished with an array of top designer clients such as Nicole Miller & Alice Olivia through traditional modeling as well as influencer clients such as Fashion Nova thanks to her 280k strong Instagram audience, Kamila is a young phenom who seems to have a grasp on exactly what it takes to strike gold in today's era.

When asked how she does it, Kamila replied: It's imperative to realize how important it is to have a social media presence, create your own brand, and make sure you stand out from everyone else."

Easier, however, said than done.

But that should not be an excuse to try.

Models, influencers, and aspirational public figures can check out how Kamila stepped out of the box to define herself and even ask for her advice and career guidance by DM'ing her on her Instagram at Kamila Davies.