Geller Law: The Personal Brand of Sam Geller, The Successful Lawyer on Social Media

Sam Geller

More than a firm, Geller Law is the personal and business brand of Samuel Geller, a Bay Area lawyer and entrepreneur who has dedicated much of his life to providing criminal defense services, a field in which his firm specializes.

Sam, as he is best known, studied law at the University of San Francisco and his JD at Golden Gate University. Since he started on the path of law, his goal was to specialize in Criminal Defense, as dedication and the ability to serve others are two aspects that have always accompanied him.

However, Geller Law was not always in Sam's vision. After completing his studies, he began as a public defender in Marin County and later in San Francisco, where the experience of participating in more than 8 jury trials gave him greater confidence and prestige.

This journey made Sam want to see so much more, not only to continue growing and offering his services as a lawyer but to find ways to provide more value to the people who knew and even followed him. It is at this point, where he gives way to building his personal brand.
Starting a new challenge

Building a personal brand was a frustrating but learning process. At least this is the way Sam Geller points out, to whom this aspect allowed to have a greater reach.

However, he stresses that this is not just an advertising aspect. It is about valuing both skills and knowledge. And to show this part to people so that they can feel interested in you as a person and as a company.

Sam Geller assures that the birth of Geller Law, allowed him to establish a before and after in his career, because, although he continued as an expert in criminal defense, he had to be focused on making a real difference in such a competitive area.

Sam says there were many steps he had to take to build his personal brand. Among them, some stand out, such as:

Setting clear objectives

From the beginning, Sam was clear that he wanted to be an expert in criminal defense. And it was mainly the reason he started his law studies and it is what has motivated him to continue on the path.

In this context, he emphasizes that a personal brand requires clear objectives, establishing the professional and personal goals you want to achieve and how far you want to go. In this way, each of the actions you take will lead to the achievement of these goals.

Valuable content

One of the most indispensable aspects that Sam highlights in his career is the need to sell less and educate more. As a personal brand, he ensures that the main commitment is to provide valuable content, aspects that can attract people's attention because they will be determined to solve a problem or some need.

In his particular case, he emphasizes that as an entrepreneur and lawyer, his goal is not only to promote his services, but to educate people about legal matters, and even to motivate and guide others about professionally relevant issues.

This article was first published on August 13, 2020