Gate of Abyss is the mobile game to look out for in 2023

Gate of Abyss

Recently, I was given a preview of an upcoming mobile game, Gate of Abyss. It's location-based and reminds me of the days of crazy community rushes: here's why I think this could be the next Pokemon GO - a massively successful game with over 1 billion downloads.

A Location-Based Mobile Game

As an avid Pokémon GO player, I generally enjoy location-based games since it promotes an active lifestyle through getting me outdoors, while it also fosters social connections. However, unlike in Pokémon GO where Point of Interest (POIs) are only visible when players physically walk around, Gate of Abyss displays a much larger map radius on your screen. This means that the developers have designed Gate of Abyss to be played either while stationary, or on the move. It's a smart strategy since we have one more choice when snuggling at home on that rainy day.

Infused With RPG Gameplay Elements

Gate of Abyss is more than just a location-based game though. It features role-playing game (RPG) elements with deep mechanics and a turn based combat system that helps to keep up the tension in battles. You start off by choosing 1 of 3 character classes - magic, stealth or tank.

A key mission for players is to close the in-game portals that are multiplying all over the world. These portals are the windows in which monsters gush out from, and they cause chaos in the Gate of Abyss. Note that the game reflects a parallel dimension of Earth (think Stranger Things) and the landscape of Gate of Abyss is mapped 1:1 to the map of our planet. There are even more objectives, so the game loop isn't monotonous.

Play With Friends Around The World

Players can collectively work together in parties, teleport to one another's location, and join guilds to leave their mark. Yes, you're not encouraged to try defeating these demons on your own for they are some of the most deadly creatures ever devised.

As part of the game's character progression, you can gather powerful weapons and explore complementary combinations of skills with friends to conquer dungeons, or occupy territories - this makes it all feel a little more connected to reality.

Diverse Game Mechanics To Keep Players Entertained

The runway for leveling up is generous too, with 400 levels for players to progress through. If you're up for something competitive, the PvP arena will be right up your alley!

You can also build shops, pubs, banks, and blacksmiths, or lose yourself in the cocktails of potions should you desire a chemist. In fact, constructing buildings is a fundamental part of the game.

But more than that, what I really like about the gameplay is that players cannot pay-to-win (they won't receive a drastic upper-hand) and they need to rely on randomly generated consumables or gear from the buildings that are either player-built or system-generated.

You Can Own Virtual Land Plots That Has Real World Benefits

Speaking of constructing buildings, they appear on the world map of Gate of Abyss. Part of the location-based thrill is that players will have to be physically present at the location where they want to construct their buildings.

All these infrastructure rest on virtual land (called GOALAND), which Gate of Abyss is selling. Players who own plots of land will be entitled to earn real world income based on transactions that happen on their land plots.

This makes sense because the more players the game has, the more transactions there will be in-game due to increased demand for weapons, armor and potions. And this has a direct impact on what the land plots will be worth. I'll probably get some GOALAND so I will no longer be inferior to the real estate magnates featured on Forbes!

Cash Out In-Game Earnings to Real World Currency

It seems that Gate of Abyss only continues to get more immersive as you explore its realms. Kill mobs, capture outposts, and destroy portals as you become stronger. You'll earn Gold and Gin along the way, which allows you to upgrade your weapons and armor. Just when I thought that nothing can be more exciting than this, I found out that Gin, the game's premium currency, also has a real world value. You got it - players who earn Gin can cash it out to USD if desired!


I'm looking forward to the release of Gate of Abyss. The developers seem to be extremely creative and agile, using blockchain technology as a building block while innovating the gameplay experience.

I was told that the team behind the Gate of Abyss developed Minion Rush, Dungeon Hunter and Asphalt, back in their days at Gameloft. And that's why the Gate of Abyss will launch with a bang. I feel a pressing and urgent need to play this game for it becomes a very personal battle against evil, so try to work your way up to become the most powerful warrior or sorcerer in your region!