Gareth Thomas reveals how Prince Harry contacted him after the rugby star was diagnosed with HIV

Gareth Thomas Prince Harry Terrence Higgins Trust
Youtube grab / Terrence Higgins Trust

Rugby legend Gareth Thomas came out of the closet in 2009 and revealed to the world that he's gay and married the love of his life and husband, Ian Baum after divorcing his wife and childhood friend Jemma Thomas. It is now revealed that Gareth has been diagnosed as HIV positive and is battling the deadly disease.

When Prince Harry met Greth Thomas

Gareth sat down for a chat with ITV's Loose Women and opened up about how he's coping up with being HIV positive. He also stated that Prince Harry came out in support of him and lent a helping hand with his warm words of support. The 45-year-old former rugby player said, ''He (Harry) offered support – not just for me - he said, 'Are your mum and dad ok? Is your husband ok?, Is your step-daughter ok?'''

Both Gareth Thomas and Prince Harry appeared in a newly released film by the Terrence Higgins Trust to mark National HIV Testing Week and the chat between the two was indeed emotional as the duo ended up hugging each other at the end with tears in their eyes and Harry summed it up saying, ''I believe in what you're doing, it's amazing.''

Gareth opens up about HIV

Talking to the Loose Women, Gareth stated that he felt numb after realizing he was HIV positive and felt isolated from the rest of the world. He added that he had a sense of fear that this might not end well.

He stated that he got the condition tested at a private clinic and they gave him around 5 or maybe 8 years of lifespan. ''On the drive from the private clinic to the hospital was a thought that when I got to hospital they'll give me ... 5 maybe 8 years left to live. Then you fast-forward again and then you think how am I going to tell everybody this? My parents, or my brothers, my nieces that I'm not going to around anymore.''