Gamestarter ranked among the top 15 revenue-generating platforms


Gamification of the crypto-world has been an ongoing trend for quite some time now. As with any relatively new trend, it is hard to decide what the future of this particular approach will bring. However, the introduction of Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) has excellent potential. IGOs bring the fun of game-play and the excitement of cryptocurrency together. IGO follows a similar concept as ICO, wherein developers can launch their games while generating funds to back their project by selling the game coins (tokens).

IGOs started as a new way for developers to get financing for their projects. Investors participating in an IGO can enjoy a fixed return on investment or a gain based on the future performance of the game.

Gamestarter launchpad has harnessed the possibility of this opportunity to create a marketplace and platform for IGO developers. It aims to be a multi-faceted platform that allows developers to raise funds and create games by utilizing tokens. The concept is novel, as it will enable gamers and investors alike to get their games and be rewarded economically for using the platform.

Gamestarter has a lot of potentials to become the go-to place for gamers and investors. The gamification of the crypto world is pertinent for crypto-industry growth, and we must harness this potential. There is no limit to what developers can come up with. Gamestarter Launchpad is undoubtedly among those that are doing their best to make our dreams come true.

The platform has raised over $2.89 million with an ROI of 64.46x. In addition, Gamestarter has ranked in the top 15 launchpads by revenue platforms in the market by an objective review platform for crypto-projects. Gamestarter has a team of experienced and passionate gamers who plan to launch significant games in the market. The platform's success has been built chiefly on its team of professional gaming experts and their vision to create a comprehensive platform for gamers and developers.

Gamestarter is powered by $GAME a proprietary token designed to turn the gaming world into a more exciting, rewarding, and all-inclusive platform. Our team has taken on the responsibility of making $GAME the premier utility token to power the entire ecosystem. Also, the platform is built on the polygon chain, which is the platform's backbone and comes with top-notch security protection, high transparency, and massive scalability. By using Polygon Chain, the platform allows users to make payments much faster, as well as helps with faster transaction confirmation times.

Crypto-gaming industry is increasing, and there is no telling how far it will go. But if it keeps moving at this speed, the industry is poised to make considerable strides in the crypto market. Gamestarter aims to be an integral part of this growth by providing developers with a platform that they can use to develop their ideas and gamers with a destination where they can spend their tokens.