GameFi Earn Promises To Be A Blessing For Crypto Holders


Play-to-earn has become one of the most exciting factors about online gaming today. And the craze for it has increased manifolds lately with the hype around blockchain gaming.

Looking at the huge demand among more than 800,000 community, it has decided to finally launch the most awaited feature - GameFi Earn.

GameFi Earn is a safe and simple way to grow your digital assets as it provides users an opportunity to earn more tokens by staking on the new earning program. Those who believe in holding their cryptocurrency, this is no less than a blessing. The platform provides competitive interest rates to users on their crypto savings. offers two different types of savings, both of which are beneficial in their own ways. Let's have a look:

  1. Flexible Pool: The users can earn interest on a block by block basis by locking their tokens. The good news is that it's flexible enough for users to withdraw their staked tokens whenever required.
  2. Fixed Pool: In this method, the users can select a lock-up duration such as 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days. Once the period is selected, the tokens can be withdrawn only after the given period is over. Here the users get the opportunity to earn a better interest rate. The longer the duration of the lock up period, the more the interest.

The team recently launched the first $GAFI earning pool to celebrate the opening of GameFi Earn.

Meanwhile, has also partnered with SecuriChain to enhance the security of all its products and game partners. Considering the way cyberattacks have impacted the world of web 3 lately this is indeed a great step.

SecuriChain boasts of a great portfolio as it has worked with some of the biggest companies like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Paypal, McAfee, Sony, and Checkpoint and now we are sure its alliance with GameFi will do wonders.

"Human beings are always the weakest link in any cybersecurity system. As we are well aware of this matter,'s whole crew always prioritizes users' security and privacy", said Mr. Hai Duong, CTO of "Along with that, also has worked together with experts in the cybersecurity industry to consult and examine our system's security. In addition,'s smart contracts have been thoroughly audited by our trusted partners and SecuriChain."

The CEO and Founder of SecuriChain also talked about the association and said, "The substantial rise of cyberattacks on blockchain initiatives in 2021 is logical, given that this is a banner year for blockchain projects. Due to fast-paced development, many blockchain projects have disregarded software development's fundamental safety and security standards. This results in hackers compromising your computer,"

"Via our partnership with, we aim at setting a standard in cybersecurity for blockchain projects. Thanks to this collaboration, blockchain projects will have the opportunity to assess their cybersecurity status and lower the risk of cyberattacks in the future," he adds.