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The final season of Game of Thrones is right around the corner and since it is the beginning of the end. Fans and the media are taking a look back at the actual beginning.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ned Stark himself, Sean Bean reminisced about the incredibly mysterious "Game of Thrones" pilot that never made it to air. The original "Thrones" pilot did not impress HBO and was scrapped. Apparently, the showrunners scrapped it after showing it to their friends.

Speaking to EW, Bean opened up about some of the scenes from the unaired "Thrones" pilot that did not make it into the first episode that aired on television and kickstarted the HBO series. "I remember a scene with Bran in the old tree and [his parents are] talking to him about life," Bean said. "He was very young at the time, when Isaac was playing the part. There are some nice scenes with [Williams as Arya]. I quite enjoyed those scenes because there was a lot of horrible backstabbing going on, and I think those scenes stood out because they were very natural and people could identify with them: a father and his children."

"I also remember the banquet, which was quite interesting," Bean added. "We shot it in Scotland, and it was a banquet with King Robert. All the families were coming together, there was a real feeling of this horrible tension, which represents what we did afterwards."

But Sean Bean didn't stop there he also spoke about the infamous death scene of Ned Stark which has been considered one of the most iconic scenes on TV and which set the tone for Game of Thrones going forward.

"The death, that was wonderful because it was so unexpected," Bean said, while reconfirming he knew from the start that his time on the show was limited. "I thought it was amazing how they shot it. But I died, and then I had to do some scenes from earlier in the episode, so it wasn't the end for me. We were in Malta; it was very hot. It was very colourful. Everyone was there, and with things like that, there's a sort of gallows humour to it. It's awful what's happening, and you start giggling and laughing. When the head fell off, there were mistakes. It didn't quite work out sometimes. It was quite comical. So it breaks the ice a bit."

We can't wait for the final season of Game of Thrones.

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