Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington reveals fate of Jon Snow

Game Of Thrones season six will be back on 24 April.

Kit Harington has answered queries about the fate of his Game of Thrones character. The 29-year-old actor revealed Jon Snow is actually dead.

During an appearance on U.K. talk show The Jonathan Ross Show, Harington admitted he is no longer a part of the hit HBO series. He said: "I am no longer involved in the show, so any secrets that are with the show, I don't actually know anymore, so it becomes very easy, Jonathan. You're looking at me like you don't believe me. It's going to be so relieving when people actually see the show and realize that I don't come back."

Harington explained he was only on the set because he was playing a corpse. He said: "I was there for a bit – I was there for about a month or two months. It was spread over a bit, and I was playing a corpse. I won't tell you how many episodes I'm lying dead, but it's going to be so satisfying when you see it and you realize that I was telling the truth the whole time."

Game of Thrones season six is set to return on 24 April.