Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere: More questions than answers on the dead, dying and the zombies

The trailer featured all the prominent characters of the Game of Thrones including Jon Snow, who was killed in Season 5.

It is still a long time before Game of Thrones season 6 hits the screens, but there is already a swirl of speculations around the most gripping of shows.

The fans desperately wishing to get inside, and ahead, of the plotline marked by macabre deaths and eye-popping twists have got little help this time as the sixth edition of the book is still not published.

Author George R. R. Martin had tweeted earlier the sixth book, 'The winds of Winter', is not yet finished.

So what are the fans speculating about?

Fans of the drama can only count on the teaser which was released recently. The trailer saw all the prominent characters of the Game of Thrones including Jon Snow, who was killed in the previous season, just to return in Season 6.

It was rumored that Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) will bring on Jon Snow but the Dutch actress has denied such theories according to Parent Herald.

"It's funny that there's so much pressure on my character to bring him back because I don't think I've ever brought anyone back from the dead," the 39-year-old actress said. She also revealed that though GOT5 didn't leave her in a very good state, in GOT6, she will emerge as one of the strongest characters.

Talking about Arya, everyone expects her to regain her sight back, but the teaser has revealed otherwise. She may or may not regain her eyesight back, but a report suggested that Arya is adjusting with her blindness while sharpening her other senses.

Meanwhile, the show's promoters have unleashed a campaign to perk up the mystery surrounding the show. They have asked fans through their official Twitter hashtag "#SpeakTheNames" who they think will be bumped off in the show's sixth iteration.

So who will die in "Game of Thrones" Season 6? The intriguing wait will continue right up to the premiere on April 24, and then onward.