Game-changing smartphone features to expect in the coming months

From augmented reality apps to a telephoto lens, here are the game-changing features smartphone users can expect in the coming months.

Each year, smartphone manufacturers are devising new ways to retain and draw consumers into their brands. Putting in a lot of money in research to come up with innovative features is one best way to do that.

Some has been confirmed while others have remained as rumours, here are the game-changing features smartphone users can expect in the coming months.

Augmented reality apps

Augmented reality is considered to be the next big thing in the technology space. In fact, smartphone manufacturers are now in the race to provide a platform for developers to create augmented reality (AR) apps. Apple has ARKit while Google has Tango.

Google Lens is a search box of the camera that can provide information on whatever is projected. From street names to restaurant reviews, the app uses Google's native machine learning technology to gather needed information.

Foldable screen

The smartphone industry is beginning to witness innovations in the display. LG is already at the base of the foldable screen principle. The flexible displays of G Flex and G Flex 2 are something to reckon with.

Samsung, meanwhile, unveiled in April a prototype of a foldable screen technology. Called the Galaxy X, the device is capable of stretching itself in almost 360 degrees. There are no many details of the device but Samsung is expected to launch it in 2018.

Telephoto lens camera

Dual camera setup is an ongoing trend among original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Different smartphone brands offer different modes of shooting for the other camera. No OEM has made a telephoto lens in dual camera setup possible so far, other than using a third-party accessory.

Apple and Oppo have it, but OnePlus takes the game a notch further by bringing the 2x zoom capability in OnePlus 5. However, it does not make much of a difference.

Onscreen fingerprint scanner

This technology may be pioneered by either Apple or Samsung in their forthcoming flagship smartphones. Based on recent leaks, Apple is bringing the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 right on the screen. Samsung is also expected to move the scanner from the back panel on the display.

LG is working in the lab on invisibly embedded solution. And Synaptics, a scanner technology provider, already has the F89100 which works under 1mm thick glass.