Gallons of Chlorine Leak at Norwegian Fjord Kills 96,000 Fish

Nearly 4,000 gallons of chlorine leak in a northern Norway fjord has ended up killing approximately 96,000 fish, the International seafood company Grieg Seafood revealed.

Noway police raised an alarm through a tweet that confirmed the loss of salmon fish due to the unfortunate leak and the movement of leaked liquid into the Atlantic Ocean.

The cause for the leak is being investigated, and no traces of any toxic chlorine element has been found on the land, according to police reports. The emergency services are looking to understand the severity of the situation.

Population of salmon has reduced considerably due to sea lions in the area Twitter

Norwegian Institute for Water Research to Investigate this Incident

Grieg Seafood, leading salmon farming company, is now focusing on cleaning up, and it is expected to take several days to complete. It is yet to look out how the leak will further affect the environment in the fjord. So far, the employees or other people are safe, and they were not harmed during the incident, the seafood company stated.

Khalaktyrsky Beach
Thousands of dead marine animals washed up on Khalaktyrsky Beach earlier this month Twitter/ @RusEmbCyprus

The firm that over 25,000 tons of salmon to North America and Asia each year ensured that such accidents will not happen again. It also assured full cooperation with all authorities for the investigation into the course of events that led to the disaster.

The leak is believed to happen at one of its slaughterhouses where a large number of fish were in a waiting cage at the plant. The company declared that it will look into the matter and conduct an independent assessment of this tragic event. It will associate with the Norwegian Institute for Water Research for the investigation.

The dead fish will be taken care of by the plant's silage system and boats. The approximate loss incurred by Grieg Seafood due to the mishap is said to be $3.4 million.