Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users randomly complaining of burnt-in pixels

Samsung's Always On Display could be the biggest culprit behind the recent spate of complaints about burnt-in pixels on Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 burnt-in pixels
Galaxy S8 users randomly complaining of burnt-in pixels

Some Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users are experiencing burnt-in pixels or permanent discolouration in the lower part of the handset's bezel-less aka Infinity Display, according to the recent report by Korean outlet The Investor. The burn-in seems to be triggered at the specific area on display where the new virtual button resides.

It is also being reported that Samsung's Always On display technology could be the root cause of the burn-in problems with the flagship Galaxy handsets, as it is a known issue with AMOLED and plasma displays wherein burnt-in pixels start appearing on screen after sustained exposure to static images.

Dutch website Galaxy Club has recently reported that the South Korean company has already tried fixing the problem by altering the location of the virtual Home button to get rid of the burnt pixels.

In response to the query tweeted by a Dutch user regarding the potential burn-in issue on his S8, a company representative has dismissed the claim stating that the Galaxy flagship phones use a special algorithm to prevent burn-ins and there have been no more such incidents or claims being reported regarding the overtly hyped-up issue.

"When the phones are idle they show the same screen, then when you use the web browser you can see the burn-in in the form of a rectangle. Is this a concern for everyday users?" one Redditor asked.

In an older Reddit thread, another user had this to say:

"Isn't there a much higher risk of screen burn in with the Always on Display and home button enabled? It's one thing if they're in the same place when you turn on the screen, but now as the name suggests, it's always on. How hard is it to clear out burn in on a phone screen?"

In related news, it must be noted that the Galaxy S8 was earlier accused of displaying reddish tint on its bezel-less display and invariably causing unexpected device restarts for no apparent reason.

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