Gal Gadot shares behind the scenes look at Wonder Woman 2

Gal GadotGal Gadot Official Instagram (gal_gadot)
Gal Gadot Official Instagram gal_gadot

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot has shared a behind the scenes look at Wonder Woman 2 after filming wrapped. It is being reported that six months after principal photography got underway on Wonder Woman 1984, filming has wrapped.

Gadot took to her Instagram and apparently revealed three photos with her and director Patty Jenkins, along with a heartfelt message of thanks to her co-stars and crew.

"We did it. Again!! And as much as the first time shooting Wonder Woman was amazing, this time was even more unique and special," the actress began.

"We shot in 4 very different locations in 3 countries, and I'm so soooo proud of the almost 1000 crew members who came to set every day, giving everything they have into our movie," Gadot continued.

"Couldn't ask for better partners on this.. I'm so lucky to have the one and only Patty Jenkins, as my director," she added.

"She always has our backs, she gives us the wings to dare, and everyday she helped us find the most creative version of ourselves," Gadot shared about her director.

"I am so grateful to call her my friend,' Gadot continued. 'And to our AMAZINGly talented cast who made every day enjoyable and fun, thank you!"

"Honestly.. Words cannot describe this experience.. This journey was so demanding and challenging but we all came and did our very best every take, every day, putting our all out there and I'm so proud...," she said of the production.

"Thank you universe for this opportunity. I love this character. And thank you to all of you for being the best fans in the world. It was you that made me push myself every day," Gadot said of the fans.

"I'm so happy and excited, can't wait to share it with you in 2020! ❤️ Gal," she concluded.

It is being reported that Warner Bros. has announced a July 5, 2020 release date for Wonder Woman 1984, which was originally slated to open on November 1, 2019. The DCEU finally seems to be getting back on track with the recent success of Aquaman and since Wonder Woman was the only previous actual success for the DCEU, we have high hopes for the sequel and we know that Gal Gadot can deliver.

You can check out the pics here: