Maziar Rajabi

Some people become well aware of their dreams & their aspirations in their childhood itself. While some decide to do something about their future only after they grow up. Rajabi is a man who fits the best in the former category. This young entrepreneur always knew what he wanted to become & did not want to fix himself in a regular job, just like his father worked in a bank for many years. Rajabi is a rebel who stood against the conventional types of work of the society to carve a path for himself because all he had at that point in time was his self-confidence & courage to understand his dreams & walk the path towards it.

Today, Rajabi is one of the finest & the most skillful businessmen in the entire of the Middle East. At every opportunity life offered him, he caught hold of each of them & turned it around for him as an opportunity of his lifetime; this is how he has been learning each day & gaining knowledge. He first started off as marketing sales manager & went ahead with the IT field. And, soon after he completed his post-graduation, he worked as a senior partner at Canadian Green Solutions Inc. Simultaneously he even became a shareholder for an Italian petrochemical and chemical company called Mattioli S.A.S. He also became the Business Advisor to foreign companies which want to establish their companies in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

It was in 2016 that his career drifted towards the bitumen industry. Rajabi joined hands with "Verse Oil Service", Iraq's best oil service company as a senior partner. Although the Middle East is known for its manufacturing & trading of oil & petroleum products, bitumen was a product that was still upcoming & the trading market had no idea the profits it could bring to them; hence, Rajabi worked hard to fill in the gap with his ideas & skills. With his determined mind & hard work, Rajabi made Verse Oil Service reach the top spot on Google search results, making it the No.1 ranked bitumen products website in Iraq.

As Rajabi turned the company into a more profitable one, he got the opportunity to work with a Taiwanese company, Richland Bitumen Co Ltd as well. Today, this company has the record of exporting bitumen products in more than 12 countries & across 3 continents which also includes India. As a successful entrepreneur, Rajabi has been the proud recipient of several certificates as well like the certificate of Digital Entrepreneurship from MIT University, the certificate for Global Diplomacy Program from London University and also the certificate of International Project Management from Adelaide University.

At only 33, this young gun of the bitumen industry has already created a life of his dreams & even living it king size. But, at the same time, he also works around 15 hours a day to stick to his learnings every day & gain more knowledge. To other aspiring entrepreneurs also, Rajabi wants to send out a message to them saying 'knowledge is power'. He believes in this golden rule & motivates them to never stop at any bumps in life, to keep moving forward & overcome their hurdles in life with a positive approach.

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