Brazilian Teen Girl Passes Out and Dies While Having Sex with Older Man in Car

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A 15-year-old Brazilian girl died while having sex in a car with a 26-year-old man, police said. Police are now awaiting the results from an autopsy and have launched an investigation. Gabrielly Dickson of Sao Paulo, died on Thursday night after she was admitted to the UPA Jardim Casquiero medical facility in Cubatão, São Paulo.

The man told police that he and Dickson were having sexual intercourse in his car when she fainted, according to online news site G1. Although the death sounds unnatural police believe that Dickson died of apparent heart attack as a result of over-excitement during sex.

Tragic Death

According to local media reports and the man who was having sex with Dickson said her lips and skin turned pale and her hands twisted back. The man panicked and rushed Dickson to the hospital, where doctors attempted to revive her. However, they failed.

Doctors at the UPA Jardim Casquiero medical facility in Cubatão, São Paulo, diagnosed a cardiopulmonary arrest but were unable to save Dickson, and she died at 1:20 am local time. An initial medical examination detected blood in the teen's vagina, but there were no other indications of a physical assault and no foul play is being suspected.

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The age of consent in Brazil is 14. So, the 26-year-old man who was having sex with Dickson at the time of her death wasn't charged with any crime.

However, the case is still being investigated. Local media also reported that the teen's family had no idea about her relationship with the older man nor if she was suffering from any illnesses.

Mysterious Death

Although police and doctors believe that a massive heart attack was the reason behind Dickson's death, they will come up with a concrete answer only after a post mortem is conducted. Police believe that the teen got over excited while having sex and that resulted in the heart attack.

"Forensic examinations were requested and the case registered as a suspicious death by the Cubatão Police Station," the Cubatão Ministry said in a statement.

Friends have since bombarded Dickson's profile picture on Facebook, which she updated just one month ago, with messages of condolences. "Rest in peace princess and wish strength to those close to Gaby," one person wrote.

"My condolences to close friends, and may God console the parents and family who lost this angel," added another.

A local medical examiner is expected to reveal Gabrielly's official cause of death shortly.

This article was first published on August 3, 2021