Gabby Petito is Actor Who Distracted People from Biden's Failures: QAnon Conspiracy Theory

As the mystery around Gabby Petito's disappearance and death continues, bizarre conspiracy theories are making their way onto the internet. QAnon conspiracy theorists are now saying that Gabby Petito was an 'actress' and a 'false flag' to distract people from President Joe Biden's 'failures.'

A number of QAnon conspiracy theorists have decided that Petito's disappearance is a hoax in order to distract people from other news stories, or that the vlogger doesn't even exist.

When the FBI said that they found a body fitting Petito's description at a remote campsite near the Grand Teton National Park, the Insider saw multiple posts spring up on the QAnon-focused Telegram channels GhostEzra, which has more than 330,000 subscribers, and WeTheMedia, which has more than 246,000 subscribers, where comment threads spiraled into long discussions about Petito's case.

QAnon Conspiracy Followers Spreading Rumors Amid Petito's Tragic Death

"Somethings not right about this whole situation... this is clearly Black Ops to cover for Biden failures. Was he ever real? Is SHE? Another false flag right before the audits," posted a Telegram user with the ID SherRryWW1G, referring to the problem-plagued Maricopa County, Arizona, audit of 2020 election votes.

According to an Insider story, commenters on QAnon influencer channels attempted to draw connections between Petito and other significant events. One common conspiracy theory floated by some 600 commenters on a thread on the GhostEzra Telegram channel was that the FBI made up Petito's death to distract from the Arizona vote audit and cover up the "Big Lie" that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

"This whole case was nothing but an FBI distraction, literally on every news channel," wrote a Telegram user with the ID OdinSon87. Some users questioned why there was so much attention around a "missing white girl."

"This story is odd, it's too big mainstream for a white girl. I'm just being honest. [Mainstream media] don't play the victim game with Caucasians," wrote a user with the ID Diabeetus81. "Is it a sleight of hand trick? Look here, not here (Arizona audit)? Doesn't pass the smell test."

Gabby Petito
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Bizarre and Baseless Theories

According to the Newsweek, some users even went so far as to suggest that the people involved in the investigation are so-called "crisis actors" with fake names.

"Brian Laundrie? Brain = Brain. Laundrie = Laundry = Wash. BRAINWASH is what his name means. Definitely an operation," one Telegram user wrote.

Some linked it to the apparent "false flag" in Washington, D.C. over the weekend as fears that hundreds of extremists would return to the Capitol to attend the "Justice for J6" rally failed to materialize.

"My initial thoughts when this story came out was that this is a blatant distraction because their FF [false flag] failed this weekend. The FF was supposed to fill their air time," Telegram user JR wrote.

The Newsweek reported that a fellow Telegram user Cindy added: "This is nothing but a stupid distraction!!! The FBI squirrel to take the heat off Audits/Covid/Border/Afghanistan."

Twitter Users Slam QAnon Followers

Meanwhile, some Twitter users are lashing out at QAnon conspiracy followers. One user wrote, "More proof QAnons are sickos. #QAnonCult." Another wrote, "F*ck all of these retarded ass QAnon dipshits."

One comment read, "WTF? Those people need therapy ... lots and lots of therapy. I wonder what happens when their daughters end up dead at the hand of their fiancé?" Another tweeted, "This QAnon garbage is just that. I guess ppl have way too much time on their hands to actually believe this crap. It's all lies folks!"

One person shared, "QAnon aka #TeamTrump, is standing with Brian Laundrie, and calling Gabby Petito an actor." Another wrote, "These people need to lay off the DRUGS! They're getting MORE INSANE by the day!"