G20 Summit 2020: Russian President Putin Opposes Protectionism, Unilateralism

During the G20 summit, Russian President Putin said that there is no alternative to the World Trade Organization today

President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke against protectionism and unilateralism while addressing the G20 summit via video link.

"We have to tackle the urgent problems that have accumulated in international trade. In particular, it is necessary to strive to curb protectionism, abandon the practice of unilateral sanctions, and resume supply chains," said the President of Russia during this year's G20 summit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

No Alternative

He believes that there is no alternative to the World Trade Organization today, and a stable and effective multilateral trading system based on universal norms and principles is needed.

Putin said that all the member countries need to beef up effective mechanisms of multilateral cooperation and strengthen key international institutions while relying on the UN Charter and generally accepting norms and principles of international law, Xinhua reported.

The two-day summit is hosted by Saudi Arabia, the current president of the bloc.