G-Dragon's rumored girlfriend Komatsu Nana shuts down her personal blog

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon, and Japanese model Komatsu Nana are rumored to be dating.

Komatsu Nana is trying rescue herself from all the chaos happening in her life. The Japanese model and actress has reportedly shut down her personal blog after the news of her alleged relationship with G-dragon took the internet by storm yesterday.

As per various media outlet, the 20-year-old has shut down the blog to avoid pin-pointers and haters. All the links and connections to her blog are apparently blocked. According to Allkpop, the URL of the website links to the tab now says, "page cannot be found". However, the Japanese rising star is very much prevalent on other social media, although she has not posted anything for quite some time.

Meanwhile, TV reporter Ha Ji Young from One Night of TV Entertainment, has also expressed her frustration over the hacking scandal pertaining to Big Bang leader. In a recent Naver 'V' app broadcast, the TV presenter revealed that she has also been a victim of hacking in the past. She said: "The level of feeling terrible goes far to the point of unpleasantness. SNS is a part of my daily life, and it doesn't only affect me, but also negatively affect the people around me."

"Think about it. I take a picture in a bikini somewhere and upload it on SNS just for me to see, but then someone leaks the photos and even judges them. I feel so bad for G-Dragon. Even though he has an official SNS account, his private one was exposed," she added.

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