The Future of Business Operations: How Ply's Custom Workflows are Leading the Way


Have you ever experienced trying to use apps to improve your productivity and workflow, but found yourself even more confused and overwhelmed? This is a common concern experienced by the majority of businesses, regardless of size and industry.

Businesses tend to experience difficulties because of the complexity of their workflows. With their growth comes an increasingly complex process that also includes multiple departments, teams, and tools. Because of this, businesses go through more inefficiencies and bottlenecks which slow down operations.

But an often-overlooked challenge businesses face is the lack of visibility into their workflows. It can be difficult for businesses to assess the areas in their processes that need improvement or even how to measure the impact of changes mainly because they typically lack the insights needed. Most companies opt for a trial-and-error approach to workflow optimization. Unfortunately, this can be too time-consuming and often ineffective.

For small businesses and startups, optimizing their workflows can be difficult because businesses may lack the resources and expertise they need. Whether it's purchasing the technology they need or hiring people with the technical know-how in implementing and managing the tools.
Some businesses opt to study workflow optimization processes themselves and try them out on their business. But oftentimes, it ends up making the work more difficult and overwhelming instead of making it easier. This is a problem seen by co-founders Yaniv Tross, Zohar Sakal, and Guy Schlider which they immediately worked on through Ply, the go-to platform for workflow automation and productivity improvement.

The Difference between Common and Bespoke

Ply is a powerful automation platform that makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to create custom workflows, automate tasks, and integrate with other tools to improve efficiency. On their platform, users can drag and drop actions, set up automated triggers, and collaborate with team members in real time. With this feature, businesses can create custom workflows tailored to their unique needs, without requiring any coding skills.

One of Ply's standout features is its flexibility. The platform can be used for a wide range of use cases whether it's managing customer support inquiries or automating marketing campaigns. With a wide range of integrations available, including popular CRM, marketing, and project management software, Ply helps businesses centralize their workflows and automate tasks across multiple tools. It also integrates with a variety of popular tools, including CRM, marketing, and project management software, allowing users to centralize their workflows and automate tasks across multiple tools.

More than its robust feature set, Ply is also focused on security and compliance. The platform offers enterprise-grade security features like two-factor authentication and data encryption and helps businesses stay compliant with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. This ultimately ensures that businesses can trust that their data is secure and protected.

Towards an Easier Way of Doing Business

As businesses look for ways to increase productivity and efficiency, workflow customization is emerging as a powerful tool for achieving these goals. Tailoring workflows to meet their specific needs makes it possible for companies optimize processes, reduce manual labor, and increase efficiency.

Instead of relying on one-size-fits-all solutions, businesses can focus on workflows that are tailored to their specific requirements. Mainly because workflow customization creates a transparent and easily accessible space for all team members, which helps businesses increase visibility and reduce communication gaps. But what works best here is that workflow customization can also help businesses identify areas for improvement and streamline their operations.

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, the rise of automation and data-driven decision-making are helping businesses recognize the value of streamlining their operations to increase efficiency and reduce costs. And as more and more companies recognize the value of streamlining their operations, platforms like Ply are paving the way for an easier, more efficient way of doing business.