Future of biochip: Will this cutting edge technology be a curse or blessing for mankind?

Recently, a Utah man has implanted the RFID chip from his Tesla Model 3's key card into his own hand along with other chips

There are several sci-fi movies which showed us some impossible and unbelievable futuristic technologies that could change our lives. But how many people are taking these seriously and implementing them into their lives?

In Sweden, small implants were first used in 2015, initially, it was a confidential process and then several other countries also followed the same. Thousands of Swedish people were unlocking their car doors and turning on coffee machines with a wave of their hands, even though the bio-chipping market first developed in 1983.

In 2017, workers at Three Square Market, a Wisconsin-based company specializing in vending machines were asked to get implanted with microchips and a rice-grain sized chip was pushed into the flesh between the thumb and forefinger. It was done to boost the process of cashless payment system for their vending machines and snacks machines at the workplace.

Biochip Wikimedia commons

Biochip implant

These are essentially cylindrical bar codes that, when scanned, transmit a unique signal through a layer of the skin. But, several US lawmakers have raised concerns over the idea of how microchipping might be implemented in future. It should be noted that a Democrat in the Nevada state assembly introduced a bill to make involuntary microchipping illegal in the state.

As per Urs Gasser, executive director at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, "The fear we feel in relation to microchips is less about a particular technology and more about that technology in the context of power and uneven power structures, like employer and worker. And when those dynamics are implanted in our bodies, there is a line we cross that simply feels different."

The tech-savvy from Utah

A Utah man named Ben Workman has recently implanted the RFID chip from his Tesla Model 3's key card into his own hand. He has a total of four computer chips and a magnet surgically implanted in his arms to perform different functions. As per East Idaho News, Workman has recently implanted the Tesla key card in the back of his hand and just by pressing the hand against the Model 3 door, he can get inside the car.

It is important to understand that Workman surgically implanted other chips which helps him to open doors at work, log into his computer, share contact information and all he has to do is waving the hand. He also has a magnet in his left hand. Workman said that he is excited to see what he'll be able to do next. He claimed that probably next time he will be able to pay for things using just his hands, without using credit cards or mobile apps.

unlocking Model 3 by hand
Unlocking Model 3 by hand YouTube grab

Amie D D Tesla Model 3 Chip Install

A woman, Amie D D, made headlines a few months ago after a video went viral which showed the process of her chip implementation and then unlocking Model 3 with the chipped-up arm. The video, posted on YouTube received over 500000 views. You can watch the video here:


Future of microchip Implants in humans

Now, we have entered an era when the devices continue to grow smaller and extended their reach from being just a household object. But in terms of microchip implants, Kayla Heffernan, a researcher at the Melbourne's School of Engineering, claimed that since the market is still small, the devices remain relatively unchanged.

But Biohax International and Three Square Market, via more research and development, are aiming to increase the adoption rates of this new technology while attempting to relegate the idea that such technology will pose a threat to humanity.