Furious Fans Slam Elon Musk For Not Wearing a Face Mask on SNL's The Dogefather Teaser

The teaser of Saturday Night Live's most talked about show 'The Dogefather' was released on Twitter and showcased Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus mouthing introductory dialogues about themselves in a funny manner.

Several users hit out at Musk for ignoring Covid-19 protocols on the sets of the show as he was seen wearing a black balaclava instead of a face mask while talking on camera.

Elon Musk Miley Cyrus SNL Show
Twitter / Saturday Night Live

As soon as the teaser was released, users dropped comments saying Musk is projecting a wrong image to people on national television which would also be broadcasted worldwide during the pandemic and his actions encourage others to not wear a face mask, which would eventually be a costly affair when they fall sick and the virus ends up spreading to others.

Several users commented that Musk being a public personality should set the tone right and influence people to follow Covid appropriate protocols but is just doing the opposite on national television which sends a wrong message to the masses.

A user commented ''This guy is supposedly a genius yet chose to wear a bandana during a nationally aired promo as 'protection' from Covid-19 when it's been well documented that those provide little to no actual protection for either the person wearing it or anybody else they're around.''

Another user commented that SNL should be held responsible for allowing Musk to walk away from Covid-19 protocols simply because he is a billionaire. ''Bandanas don't do anything. Worse than wearing nothing. We've know this for a year now. Irresponsible to let him wear it.''

However, the teaser seems to have not struck the right chord with people as several of them found it to be quite unfunny and with a bad comedy timings.

A user joked that this is what happens when billionaires think they're funny and people but in reality they're not. ''Is this a real promo? Or like, intentionally awkward and unfunny and that's the joke? Is it genius? Or just... super not good?,'' a tweet read. ''Elon musk is a rich boy CEO that has no business hosting a SNL show. God this is so absolutely horrible,'' read another tweet.

This is the first time the Space X founder is hosting the SNL show and the theme revolves around his favorite cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which has been skyrocketing since the day he announced The Dogefather's premier on May 8, 2021. Doge touched $0.74 on the day of the shows telecast.