FT ISLAND's Lee Hong Ki opens about his relationship with Japanese model Ai Shinozaki

Lee Hong Ki was left shattered after the dating incident with the Japanese model.

FT ISLAND member Lee Hong Ki is still in contact with Japanese model Ai Shinozaki. The two are reportedly good friends, the singer affirmed.

The duo was rumored to be dating, when netizens spotted the couple together at many locations, both in Japan and Korea in 2015.

A year later, the lead vocalist sat for an interview with Star news and opened about his state of mind after the rumor mill churned. The singer said he was upset after the incident. Hong Ki said: "I got cursed out a lot because of that. People commented that they were jealous and that I'd won."

Apparently, the singer received backlash from his fans after he abusively replied to one of the fan's comments on the alleged affair. Furthermore, the multi-talented singer and the winner of Best's Man's Nail Art Award, also gave some insight into his current dating life. He said: "Recently, I met a woman who I wanted to date, and we kept close. We had a 'some' relationship. She wasn't a celebrity. But we couldn't naturally progress the relationship. I recently got into bowling, and I stopped contacting her. I really got into it and I started contacting her less and less, and she got angry."

"To be honest, dating isn't that easy," he added.