Frustrated Zomato user's chat with customer care will crack you up. Check it out here

Zomato delayed this customer's order, following which he pinged the staff person to enquire and ended up having this hilarious chat.

Zomato logo By Zomato via Wikimedia Commons

While most of us will resort to verbal brawl when dealing with a delayed service, especially when it comes to food, this customer from India decided to have a different approach.

The Facebook user, Krisshna Sarswat, had the most hilarious chat with Zomato staff member/bot after his order was delayed. Zomato is a popular online restaurant aggregator.

Later, the user uploaded screenshots of the conversation on Facebook and guess what? It triggered a laughter riot.

The parties pretended to be lovers and contemplated a breakup when the order was delayed. Later, when the food arrived, they patched up and put the blame for the rift on Swiggy - another food ordering and delivery platform.

The post has already garnered 168 shares and 421 reactions. While netizens flooded the comment sections with laughing GIFs, few of them wrote hilarious comments.

One user wrote: "This just made my morning! I'm totally between the Haha and the Heart emoticon."

Another person wrote in Hindi: "Kon kehta hai pyaar ki kami hai... bas sahi jage pe dhundna padega"(Who says true love is scarce? Just have to look in right places)

Check out the screenshots of the chat:

Zomato 2