'Frozen' Actress Sayaka Kanda Found Dead, Police Investigating Probable Suicide

Japanese actress Sayaka Kanda is no more. The actress, who voiced Anna in the Japanese dubbed version of Disney's Frozen, has been found dead on Saturday outside her hotel in Sapporo. Kanda was 35.

According to reports, Kanda, a voice-over actress cum singer, apparently fell from the 14th story of the 22-floor hotel in the city in northern Japan. The actress was rushed to a hospital in an unconscious state but it was too late.

Local media reported that Kanda was supposed to show up for a performance of the musical 'My Fair Lady' at the Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater. She was playing Eliza Dolittle and was present for Friday rehearsals, according to producers.

Sayaka Kanda
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Police Investigate Kanda's Death as a Probable Suicide

Police are now investigating the case as a probable suicide but it is yet to be known if there exists any foul play. Moreover, the daughter of actor Masaki Kanda and singer Seiko Matsuda shared a series of happy selfies a day before she was found dead, which clearly reveals she wasn't mentally ill or depressed. Kanda's last Instagram post was related to her play 'My Fair Lady'.

"Eliza in her favorite costume! I'm glad I can put my sleeves through this year too. #My Fair Lady #Eliza #I remove the mask only when shooting," the actress wrote in Japanese alongside the two pictures she last posted on Instagram.

Sharing the news of her untimely demise, the CEO of Kanda's agency Robe Co, Kamaichi Mitsuhisa released an official statement saying, "I would like to report to everyone who has supported Sayaka Kanda so far. Kanda Sayaka (35 years old) died suddenly at 9:40 pm on December 18, 2021."

"We are very sorry to give such a report to all the fans who supported us and all the people who took care of us," he added.

Kanda's Acting Career

In addition to voicing Japan's Frozen adaption, Kanda had lent her voice to video games including, Kingdom Hearts II and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. According to Kyodo, the actress was also set to portray the character of Maetel in the musical Galaxy Express 999 in April 2022. Kanda started her career as an actor with musicals at the age of 20.