Frog Playing 'Ant Smasher' Game on Smartphone, Ending Will Leave You Shocked [VIDEO]

Here is how the pacman frog in the video outsmarts its owner and gives him a shock toward the end of the video

You can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool them all the time, said former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. This frog lured into playing 'Ant Catcher' game on a smartphone just proved it right. The video of 'Pacman frog' has taken the internet by storm where a frog is seen smashing ants on a smartphone. It plays like a pro, but watch the video till the end to know what happens if you mess with it.

When the game is interrupted by a pop-up on the smartphone and the person holding the phone tries to help remove the obstacle, the frog probably sees it as a threat and launches an attack on the person's thumb. Whether it is an ant or a finger, the frog really does not care. It just doesn't want to be disturbed when it is on a pursuit. It is an old video that first became a sensation in 2011, but has resurfaced now on Twitter. Netizens have shared it widely and the video has 28K views so far.

Why is it Called Pacman?

Any catcher game
Video of pacman frog playing Ant Catcher game on smartphone has gone viral. Twitter @susantananda3

This particular frog seen in the video is also called Pacman frog. It is known as Ceratophrys and comes from the family of Ceratophryidae. It is popular as South American horned frogs and as Pacman frogs. The name was given as they have round shape and largemouth that looks like one of the video game character Pac-Man.

Like most frogs, Pacmans also can see well at a distance. But they are very sensitive to any movement. The positioning of eyes on their head gives them a 180-degree vision. This feature helps them spot predators and prey without fail. This is what happened in the video when the man was about to interrupt the screen, frog sensed the movement and through its peripheral vision, spotted the finger as prey and launched an attack.

Are Frog Bites Poisonous?

Many frogs are poisonous especially dart frogs, Bruno's casque-headed frog and Greening's frog. Meanwhile, the fact is that all frogs produce poisonous skin secretions. Humans are not affected while handling most species. But one should be careful while handling dendrobatids, such as Dendrobates and Phyllobates as their alkaloid skin secretions are potentially lethal for humans.

Pacman frogs are not considered venomous. But due to false belief, it is said that Pacman frogs are caught and killed. It is also used as a pet. So, more and more Pacman frogs are said to be losing their natural habitat due to pet trade.

Wondering if frog bite pains? Studies say yes and sometimes the bruise may take weeks to disappear. A bite from leopard frogs doesn't hurt too much but large frogs like bullfrogs, Argentine horned frogs, and Pyxie frogs will hurt a lot as they have primitive teeth. Even Pacman frog bite is quite painful.