Fried food lovers be aware; doctors remove 468 gallstones from junk foodie's body

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Reuters (Representational Image)

A Chinese woman who is an ardent fried food lover experienced and unusual pain when her gallbladder bloated in a very dangerous manner. After conducting an analysis, Doctor Shen Zhangyi from Jingdu Hospital in Central China's Hubei Province found a truckload of gallstones was piled up in her body.

When the doctor proceeded with a laparoscopy on the 58-year-old patient named Chen, a total of 468 gallstones were removed from the woman's body and that incident shocked the medical world.

As reported by Daily Star, Zhangyi said after the surgery that an ultrasound result showed the gallbladder was filled with stones "but I didn't imagine there would be so many. The gallbladder is usually about the size of a human fist."

Chen was initially informed about gallstones in her body 17 years ago. The doctors at that time had advised her to change her unhealthy eating habit. But, she was not ready to leave her fried food obsession and so that she continued eating lots of junk foods even after the diagnosis.

She believed that her habit of regular exercise, including swimming and hiking, will help her to relieve those symptoms. But, gallstones started building up in her gallbladder finally resulting in intense pain and discomfort.

However, as per the report after the successful surgery, Chen's body is recovering. She said, "Fried potatoes, fried lotus - I love them all. I never pass up the chance to eat something oily or fried."

In the human body, the gallbladder is responsible for storing bile juice that will help the liver to digest fat. However, excess fatty food in the diet will produce bile rich in cholesterol and later gallstones will start developing in the gallbladder.

A similar incident happened in India in December 2017, when surgeons at the Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, Madhya Pradesh, removed 148 gallstones from a woman named Huma Bai. As described in the medical reports, the removed gallstones were the size of sweetcorns. It took almost 90 minutes to complete the surgical procedure.