Fresh trouble for Indigo as passenger's luggage tampered with, cash missing

Ayan Sen, an IT professional has alleged that his luggage was tampered with while he was travelling from Bengaluru to Bhubaneshwar by Indigo airways on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

An IndiGo Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft takes off in Colomiers near Toulouse, France, October 19, 2017. Reuters

In recent times, it's been a smooth journey for IndiGo as far as financials go, but the airline's reputation has surely run into rough weather following a series of unsavoury incidents. From sexual harassment, rude staff behaviour to burning laptops, the airlines has faced a series of controversies until the latest one that has been added to the list: theft and luggage trampling.

Ayan Sen, an IT professional shared his horrifying experience after travelling from Bengaluru to Bhubaneshwar by Indigo airways on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

In a Facebook post, Sen wrote: "On reaching the destination I found my checked in baggage tampered. Primary numeric lock was keyed into the unlock mode. Secondary numeric lock was broken & missing."

Indigo Airlines

He added that the cash that he was carrying in his check-in-baggage was missing and all other belongings were messed up inside the bag.

"I immediately called a ground staff named 'Vikash' and he insisted me to re-confirm rather calling his team," the 32-year-old IT professional said.

After another round of check, Sen complained to the ground staff regarding the unexpected incident and insisted the airlines staff to accept a written complaint. However, they denied to do so.

Later on Thursday, the airlines authority called Sen and informed him that the passengers are not supposed to carry valuables such as cash in their check-in-baggage. The authorities also added that they are not responsible for the baggage, which is evident from their baggage rules as shown below.

Indigo Airlines
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This reply from the authorities has left the passenger, who is a frequent flyer of Indigo, quite baffled. "We pay the airlines premium prices entrusting in their hands our lives & belongings... Yesterday they manhandled a fellow passenger, today they intruded into my baggage. Is this what we pay them for?" said the passenger.

When asked about the incident, the Indigo spokesperson said, "We are looking into the history of this complaint," and sought more time to provide a reply. IndiGo Airlines, known for punctuality, has, of late, come across several incidents of passenger abuse and harassment.

This article was first published on December 14, 2017