Fresh rocket attacks target US troops based at Iraq's Camp Taji [VIDEOS]

On Saturday, March 12, over a dozen rockets were fired at Iraq's Camp Taji, north of Baghdad, that houses American and other coalition troops

Iraq's Camp Taji which houses the US and other coalition troops was attacked with over dozen rockets on Saturday, March 12. The incident happened a few days after the camp was struck with a rocket attack that claimed the lives of two Americans and one English service member.

Several videos have emerged online of Saturday's rocket attack at Camp Taji. According to Iraqi officials, there has not been any word on the number of casualties, Associated Press reported. According to officials, out of over a dozen rockets fired at Camp Taji, some struck the coalition quarters while others fell on a runway used by Iraqi forces. An unusual aspect of Saturday's attack is that it occurred in the day-time as opposed to previous attacks aimed at US troops, that took place during the night.

An earlier attack on Camp Taji

Camp Taji, Iraq
Camp Taji marked on map of Iraq Google Maps

A similar rocket attack on Camp Taji took place on Wednesday, March 11. On Friday, March 13, the US carried out retaliatory air-strikes against Kataib Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Shiite militia active in Iraq.

Although, the US claimed that it struck Kataib Hezbollah's weapon facilities, but according to counter-claims by Iraqi officials, five members of the security forces, along with one civilian, were killed in that attack. Iran backed Shiite militia had vowed to avenge Friday's attack, a direct threat of retaliation.

Background of the recent attacks

Tensions amid Washington and Tehran rose significantly after a late December rocket attack killed a US contractor in Iraq. The US blamed Iran for the attack and launched retaliatory airstrikes. In a major escalation of tensions, the US launched airstrikes at Baghdad International Airport, killing prominent Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, along with the leader of Iraq's Shi'ite militia. This proved to be a watershed moment, bringing both countries on the brink of war.