'Fresh Off the Boat' Actress Constance Wu Accuses Hollywood of Racial Bias, Reveals Suicide Attempts in 2019

Actress Constance Wu who featured in Fresh Off the Boat has alleged Hollywood of "racial discrimination" adding that she even tried to commit suicide after getting a backlash on social media in 2019.

Wu starred as the matriarch Jessica Huang in Asian American show and had expressed her displeasure on the sitcom's renewal by tweeting that she was upset and was in tears. Her comments resulted in hate messages on internet and she was labelled as "ungrateful" and "thankless". This added to her mental trauma and she tried to commit suicide.

The actress who left social media for three years came up with a revelation on Thursday stating that she was shocked and distressed after some of her fellow actresses and colleagues dubbed her as a "blight" on Asian-American community. Wu said that this added insult to her injury and she was appalled at the insensitivity and discrimination meted out to her in Hollywood.

Actress Constance Wu

Social Media Divided on the Issue

However, the social media is divided on the issue as a faction of followers has expressed solidarity with the actress adding that she has the right to express her feelings and that the backlash was uncalled for. At the same time, there are others who believe that like Wu, her critics too have the right to express their feelings. They also stated that being an actress she should take criticism with a pinch of salt.

A report published by NBC News.com referred to the statements made by sociologists adding, many across social media pointed out that when other high-profile actors, like Robert Pattinson, made digs at projects that had propelled them to stardom, they were portrayed as more relatable, rather than becoming the target of criticism. When they've made moves to further their own career ambitions, like Wu said she had hoped to do, they were met with respect. The contrast shows the unwarranted pressure on people of color, particularly women, to be agreeable, unwavering representatives of their community, experts say. They point to racialized sexism, the scarcity of Asian American roles in the industry at the time, and misplaced anger as parts of the problem, the report stated further.

A Twitter user shared, "And I guess people called her ungrateful and a stain to Asians. Which, fuck that. The number of other actors who leave shows for passion projects, or do normal actor career moves don't get that kind of treatment. @ConstanceWu may be Asian, but she's also a human being."

Another user wrote, "Just reading this...Constance Wu got cancelled, basically. (Though she might argue w/this) I re-read the tweets in question-they were pretty thoughtless & inarticulate, since "Fresh Off the Boat" gave her a career as a beautiful "groundbreaking" actress."

"Constance Wu attempted suicide after Fresh Off the Boat tweets | Shocking positively shocking! I know the feeling although on my case it led to the Londoner lying about canceling my reservation. There's no recourse, really and as mad as I was especially.." read a tweet.