Frenchie Set to Become the Australia's Biggest Loungewear Brand in the Next 3 Years

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Frenchie Wear

Launching in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, Frenchie Wear sought to seize the need in Australia for comforting clothing that made lockdown fun! At the time, Melbourne was heading into tight lockdowns and the chilling winter season was setting in, making it the perfect environment for Frenchie to thrive. At their launch in June last year, Frenchie Wear burst onto the scene, selling out over a month's worth of inventory in only 48 hours and generating hype for the brand that has fuelled each successive product launch.

Frenchie Wear specializes in creating ridiculously comfortable and functional clothing that helps you live your best life. The brand began with their insta-famous namesake, the 'Frenchie'; a part-blanket, part-hoodie made from a luxurious, ultra-soft vegan Sherpa fleece that feels like you're wearing a loving hug. "We knew that if we—two simple boys from Melbourne—were longing for the best hoodie of our lives, then everyone else would be too. This was the birth of Frenchie." explains owner Paolo Jack Tanasi.

Owner Jack were not content with kicking back and riding the lockdown season out and went hard at work, researching how they could successfully launch a business at the same time that so many were shutting down! Working with influencers and keeping a specialized, social media-centric marketing strategy helped to spread the Frenchie name about, as so many people were increasingly using social media to entertain themselves and getting exposed to the cute, cozy, and playful aesthetic of Frenchie Wear.

From the success of the Frenchie, their range has expanded to include more products that focus on comfort, beauty, and well-being, from premium socks to hair wraps and face masks. The most recent addition to the Frenchie family; an acne-free silk pillowcase, was a smash hit, so much so that online orders were backlogged for weeks! The pillowcase extends on Frenchie Wear's design values of comfort and functionality, enabling users rest comfortably and rise confidently.

Dominating the luxury loungewear scene, Frenchie Wear move to position themselves as one of Australia's premier comfort wear brands, rivalling the likes of Peter Alexander. Hosting a pop-up store in Melbourne's biggest shopping complex dubbed "the fashion capital" Chadstone, The Frenchie Wear team were able to come face-to-face with their fans and keeping with their trend, sold out of all their stock yet again! "It was an amazing experience interacting with the people who love your products face to face" noted Jack. "The joy of seeing people smile as we gave them our products made it all feel really real".

While the wider retail industry has been feeling the impact of the pandemic, for two entrepreneurial spirited men with an idea and a mission, Frenchie Wear has been able to excel. They now plan to take their pop-up store with them across Australia and engage with more of their audience nationwide. "We provide a product that our customers value and feel part of, that's why we're all 'Frenchie Family' on our website" Jack explained.