French artist JOHAN FEDER has released his first single 'Shipwrecked'


France-based artist Johan Feder has released his new single 'Shipwrecked'.

It's an emotional paradise with calm composure. Although French is his mother tongue, he took a challenge and sang this song in English in which he did a great job. The song is basically the challenges everyone faces in a relationship, it's about ups and downs, highs and lows. This song makes us think about the most basic things about a relationship like loyalty and trust and how hard it is to find these qualities these days.

He talks about being in love with someone that he's willing to go to any lengths and cling forever if it makes it right. The layers in the song make it's delivery much more passionate, in the end, everything comes together in perfect harmony and that makes the listener believe that they were in for a journey they never expected. A journey that they've been a part of at least once, each different from the other.

Sparkles Records 2020 stated that they were especially delighted by this single. In the core, 'Shipwrecked' is an affection melody and will resonate with many individuals as a result of it. JOHAN FEDER can associate with his crowd easily allowing him to create a huge fan base all along. This might be the first occasion when you have known about FEDER, however, we are certain that he won't stop there and he has a lot to offer to the music industry.

FEDER is a 24-year-old entertainer and performer with a brilliant future in front of him, he conveys his messages in the form of music and according to me, that is a gift not everyone is blessed with.