Freida Pinto

This one definitely deserves a great applause! Actress, activist and Global Citizen Ambassador Freida Pinto made sure that no food was wasted from the 89th Academy Awards. In a unique attempt, she collaborated with a San Francisco-based company Copis to ensure the leftover food reaches more than 800 hungry people. The company uses technology to reduce waste and in turn feeds needy communities.

The report on Mashable stated: "The donations included food from the exquisite Governor's Ball after party, a feast prepared for the last twenty-three years by Wolfgang Puck. It included everything from potatoes with caviar, braised short ribs, chicken pot pie, Oscar-shaped matzo crackers with smoked salmon, gold-dusted popcorn and more."

Freida also posted few pictures on her Instagram handle. She wrote: "So excited to be kicking off Oscar weekend with this fantastic initiative. This year #Copia and I team up with some of Oscar weekend's biggest parties to recover excess food and deliver it to communities most in need in Los Angeles. #zerowaste #zerohunger Because this food is too good to be wasted. Thank you, Women, in Film for your incredible support @hellomikeamico."

She further added: "When Awards Week gives back - food that would have otherwise been wasted has now been shared and connected with the LA LGBT Center, just 3.3 miles away from the Event in Los Angeles. Wastage isn't glamorous, feeding people is! #zerowaste #zerohunger #eatlikeastar @gocopia."

Another post read: "The Stories that feed our culture has now fed OVER 800 people. Sharing excess food to feed our community is a No- Brainer. Thank you @filmindependent #spiritawards @gocopia @lamission for making this happen! #zerowaste #zerohunger #eatlikeastar."

The United States is one of the highest food wasting nation in the world, an estimated 40% of all food produced goes to waste. And now, the Slumdog star has made the much-needed effort to bring a change to this scenario.