Free for a limited time: Get these iOS apps quickly

Download these iOS apps quickly as they are free for a limited time only.

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The App Store has many useful productivity apps that you can rely on. This week's list consists mostly of paid-for apps that you can download now free of charge.

Lock Photo

Lock Photo enables you to safe keep your photo, video, and GIF. It uses pattern lock, passcode, or Touch ID to be accessed. Other means for you to hide your valuable media is by setting double protection, decoy mode, album level lock, or photo level lock. The app supports all types of media format so you can use it to hide text and URL in addition to camera-produced media. Download Lock Photo here.

Voice Cam

This app is designed for blind and visually impaired individuals. Voice Cam reads English words aloud using camera detection. It has a reliable voice assistant to guide you through a step-by-step process to align the camera properly. This offers five different English accents and three different speed reading. It can be controlled either by haptics or speech. Download Voice Cam here.

English Ace

English Ace enables you to access Princeton WordNet dictionaries without ever needing an internet connection. Its simple interface makes it easy to use. Download English Ace here.


The official note-taker on iOS devices from the American Foundation for the Blind, AccessNote uses speech to jot down notes on top of many other useful features. This is specifically designed for blind and visually impaired students or employees. It is optimised with cursor tracking and keystroke capabilities and is fast and efficient to navigate. Down AccessNote here.


QuickClip is a clipboard manager that saves copied texts very quickly and paste it wherever you want to. You can access all of your clips from a widget so it's very organized. Also, you can sync your clips through iCloud Sync. Download QuickClip here.


Designed for travelers, Alti is a minimalist altimeter and compass. It has altitude indicator, coordinates for DMS, a magnetic and true north compass, and degrees. The developer boasts its high accuracy GPS altitude. Download Alti here.

This article was first published on July 23, 2017