Fred Cary Wants to Guide Other Entrepreneurs to Success Now

Fred Cary

Fred Cary started his journey as an entrepreneur when he was 22, and has since founded multiple highly successful companies in industries like web services, finance, enterprise software, mobile technologies, and more. This internationally-known business thought leader successfully tackled a wide variety of business sectors and it's just strengthened his vision and inventiveness as an entrepreneur. Now, he's helping other aspiring business owners realize their own aspirations through his Shark Tank-like venture partnership company, IdeaPros.

He's been involved in so many things over the course of his life, that it might sound mind-boggling to many people, who spend most of their lives pursuing one or two careers. But his ability to adapt to almost any industry's needs speaks to his ability to innovate in an ever-changing world. Fred has started 10 different companies from the ground up, all in different industries, and he's managed to get several from the startup stage through exit by IPO or M&A, and one private company he started still generates over $700 million per year in revenue. Oh, did we mention, he also happens to be an attorney with an international MBA, and an investment banker. So if there's one thing that his career proves, it's that it's never too late to change tracks and pioneer a new course.

Mr. Cary believes that over the course of a person's life, their purpose gets cemented more and more, because when everyone starts their journey, they don't necessarily even know that they're on the road they're meant for. "You're just getting up and you're doing your thing. And over the course of time, these things start turning from sand to cement, and as it becomes more and more of a foundational element of your life, then you can start realizing what your life has been all about. And my life has been about discovery and positive change and challenging myself," he says.

After achieving all this success and realizing his own dreams, Cary is now devoted to lending his time and expertise to entrepreneurs all over the world. He founded IdeaPros in an effort to dedicate his resources to helping innovators turn their startup ideas or vested businesses into thriving ventures that can fill a market gap and make a positive change. "It was about taking all this knowledge, all these mistakes, all these successes that I've had in my past, and turning them into something that not only I can be proud of, but more importantly, that I can use to help other people succeed in their own lives," he says.

Fred remembers everything he went through as a young entrepreneur and all of the struggles he had along the way. The mountain he had to climb to get to where he is today is littered with steep learning curves and mistakes borne from being unfamiliar with the do's and don'ts of the business.