France vs Croatia 2018 FIFA World Cup Final; Will EA Games' prediction come true?

France football team
France football team Reuters

The ongoing FIFA world cup has been very unpredictable so far, as most of the tournament favourites have already been knocked out. Now, France will lock horns with Croatia in the mega finale on Sunday. Several predictions were made about the tournament so far using artificial intelligence bots, but most of them were not fulfilled in the unexpected run of underdogs.

But the prediction made by the popular game developer EA Games surprised many. Before the beginning of the tournament, nobody has even thought about France entering the finals, as the hot favorites in the tournament were Brazil, Germany and Spain but, EA Games predicted that France is going to lift the world cup for the second time.

EA Games had predicted that Hugo Illoris and his French teammates will play against Germany in the finals of the world cup. However, Germany was knocked out of the tournament in the first round itself and now, Croatia has surprisingly grabbed the position in the final two.

EA Games had also predicted that French striker Antoine Griezmann will win the golden boot in this year's tournament. But, the current statistics showed that English footballer Harry Kane is leading this list with a total of six goals.

If Griezmann succeeds in scoring a hattrick in the final game, then he can level Kane in the goal scoring spree. However, if Kane scores a goal during the third-place match against Belgium, then chances will be very low that Griezman will top the list. Romelu Lukaku has also scored four goals in this tournament so far and he is also posing a threat to Kane's golden boot ambitions.

It should be noted that the predictions of EA Games have turned true in the last two editions of the football world cup. The game developer had even successfully predicted nine out of thirteen winners of the NFS Superbowl.