Founder Of Prestige Perfections Saqib Malik Gets Brands And Celebrities The Exposure They Deserve

Saqib Malik

Society thinks it's monetary results that lead to success but Saqib Malik, a serial entrepreneur from the United Kingdom thinks otherwise. He believes 'value creation for others' is the sole factor behind success. That's exactly what has made him the modern day digital marketing baron!

Saqib Malik, also known as RSM in the professional space is a dynamic entrepreneur heading an elite Digital Marketing firm, Prestige Perfections, in the UK. Right from his teenage days, Saqib was fascinated by technology. Today his work revolves around leveraging the power of technology to get brands, influencers, artists, and celebrities in front of their prospective audience. It's the most in-demand art that he has mastered over time.

Saqib's company Prestige Perfections is a world class service provider in the field of celebrity and artist management, digital marketing, public relations, music production, and reputation management.

Prestige Perfections has served many elite clients across the world. The biggest of the industry they have worked with include Werner Bros, EmpireDistribution, Latium Entertainment, and many more well-known artists, influencers, and celebrities such as Juicy J, Travis Scott, Pitbull, Ali Levine, Nikki Lund, and Janet Jackson.

Over the years Saqib has expanded his company Prestige Perfections in countries like USA, India, Pakistan, and Dubai, onboarding new clients from these countries, providing them world-class marketing services, and getting them the exposure they deserve.

Apart from ruling the digital marketing world, in 2019 Saqib launched an online news portal named Clout News under the umbrella of Prestige Perfections. 'Keeping the people informed about what's happening across the world is my motive', says Saqib Malik.

Within a short span of time, Clout News has shown rapid growth. It generated over a million impressions within the first two months of its launch. Bollywood actors Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff, Katrina Kaif, Shraddha Kapoor, and Mandana Karimi have all appreciated Clout News.

The online portal covers every happening in the entertainment sphere right from Hollywood To Bollywood. The current exclusive segments of Clout News are Rise To Fame and Celebs Got Clout, where well-known celebrities exclusively join the portal for an interview. To date, Cindy Cowan, Sean Borg, Lady Victoria Hervey, Valerie Grand, Danubia Sousa, Shyraa Roy, Nikki Lund, and Ali Levine have appeared on Celebs Got Clout.

When things started to get comfortable, Saqib Malik pushed himself beyond his comfort zone and decided to venture into the web hosting space in 2020. This is when he launched Hosting Vender, a web hosting company, which provides super-affordable, convenient, and client-friendly web hosting solutions. It's definitely not a surprise that Hosting Vender is the most affordable web-hosting service available across the United Kingdom.

A quick glance at TrustPilot, the consumer reviews platform shows us how Hosting Vender has become a popular go-to host for aspiring bloggers and start-ups. The platform currently is hosting well over 3 thousand domains, with the number increasing per day.

In a nutshell, if you're a business or artist who needs the right exposure or if you're a regular netizen wanting to stay updated with world news and trends or you are someone with lavish needs, Saqib Malik's offerings are the way to go!